When we put on an event, we put on an event!

And it’s ALWAYS OARSOME! Naturally!

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What to expect from an Always Oarsome event…

Your team will become our squad for the day. Together we will experience the sport of rowing in an event designed just for you. 

From a relatively relaxing paddle on the river to a fiercely competitive day of challenges culminating in an Oarsome Regatta with medal ceremony, and anything in between.

Take your team out of the workplace and out of their comfort zone, and into the world of rowing.  The ultimate team sport, rowing will bond your team members in a fun and challenging day. They’ll leave the event with new skills, new respect for a sport they’ve probably only every seen on TV, and a feeling of exhilaration for having achieved something very special together.

Check out what your Rowing Experience Day may look like…

Half Day Rowing Experience

Team day - getting ready for the race!

This is your chance to spend a half day learning how to row and having oodles of fun! Like, seriously LOADS of fun!

In just four hours, you will learn:

  • That no one at your local gym knows how to use an rowing machine properly! (But you will now know!)
  • That rowing is not as easy as it looks, but that it is truly OARsome!
  • That rowing is all about the legs, not the arms!

But most excitingly, you’ll get to take all this new found knowledge and skill out into an actual rowing boat on the actual River Mersey. How incredibly fabtastic is that? (Clue: VERY!)

During this fun-packed, action-packed and value-packed day, you will learn how a series of small adjustments can make a massive difference to the success of a boat … much like a business!

The cost for a half day experience starts at £50 per person.

What’s not to love? (Clue: absolutely NOTHING!)

We’d love you to book a half day experience with us! So, what are you waiting for?

(If you don’t, you’ll only be letting yourself, your family, your business, your customers and us down. And nobody wants that to happen, do they?)

Full Day Rowing Bootcamp

This is not for the faint hearted! It’s a full on intensive day of rowing for the beginner.

Very much like the half day experience BUT you get a whole lot more rowing!

We will take you from complete novice to someone who has the skills to competently row in one of our recreational boats.

You’ll then be able to take these skills and join the recreational squad of a local rowing club like Warrington Rowing Club to continue your rowing journey.

The cost of a full day event starts at £100 per person.

The day will run from 8am until 5pm.

Prices include:

  • Two recreational quad boats fully equipped with four sets of blades per boat
  • A safety launch with qualified safety launch driver
  • Coaches and coxes as required (registered with British Rowing)
  • £10m Public Liability Insurance
  • A risk assessment to ensure your safety
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Lunch (full day only) and refreshments
  • Loads of fun!



  • Our events are generally for over 18s. Ask us about events or programmes for under 18s.
  • As rowing is a water sport, you need to be able to swim 50m to take part in this event. (We are not planning to go swimming, this is purely a safety precaution!)
  • You will also need to be prepared to go out in all weathers (except in the unlikely event that the weather is hazardous and presents a danger to participants) and will need to sign a medical declaration. This will be sent to you upon booking, but if you’d like to see this in advance, please contact us.
  • You will also need to be prepared to have LOADS of fun, and quite possibly fall in love with rowing! 


“From the second we arrived until we left, Gill and Jen were fantastic hosts.”

“The day was very well run and I would like to again say a massive thank you. It really was a great experience.”

“Thank you so much for having us, we had a wonderful day on the river. It was definitely the most challenging thing any of us have done for a while but we would all love to come back!”

“A personal thank you for all the hard work putting together such an amazing day.”

“Very early feedback from our client is one of huge success, attributed to the hard work and organisation of Always Oarsome.”

“The rowing was truly a great experience, and one that the majority would never have had the opportunity if not for this event.”