BR umpire(TC) “ I could do with a pint of whatever they were on 🙂 They claimed to be sober… hmmm!”

Response from one of said WRC rowers “ …Not a drop despite what TC says. Pure good fun and great team spirit.”

Northwich Spring Head, Easter Sunday and April Fools day all in one!

When we think of Easter we think Spring and feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces. Well Easter Sunday fell on April Fools Day this year and we were fooled early in the day. The sun was shining and the landing stage at Northwich Rowing Club was buzzing with competitors ready to boat but we were warned at the coxes meeting not to be fooled “it was jolly cold out there on the water!”

The Masters Ladies from Warrington Rowing Club were out in force racing two singles and two quads. It was our first race in months and we were very excited.


A small glitch early on when one of our rowers got lost finding the club. Fortunately Northwich very helpfully delayed the start for a short time and with the help of team mates rigging the boat, and putting it on the water our Gloria took to the water and raced. Probably not the best preparation but she didn’t let that stop her. Straight up to the start, a quick turnaround and race back down. Bravo Gloria!!

Our other single rower – an experienced competitor – Sian had an oarsome race and came home with a medal. These were no ordinary medals but wooden ones made from the old boat house recently demolished to make way for new!

And so the quads took to the water. A healthy set of entries in our category – six in all.

What most people don’t realise about rowing is just how sociable it can be.There were about forty crews in our division so it takes a while for them to boat and plenty of time is given over to everyone getting up to the start (we basically row the course backwards to get there!) and then each crew has to turn around and sets off individually under starters orders as this is a timed race.

So as you sit at the start you are surrounded by your competition. You have two options here- either stare them out and try to scare them off or have a jolly good chin wag!

Obviously we chose the latter and by the time the umpires were shouting “Warrington Go!” we had a pretty good idea that the crew we were chasing down the river were going to give us a good race. It seems that this crew have trained and raced together for some years and were very successful but we gave it our best shot!!

We had a great race with a good start and we kept the momentum going all the way through. We didn’t let York get away. Head races are tricky as you can’t tell if you’ve won until the results come out unless of course you overtake your competition (which we didn’t!). Lots of support from the river bank kept us going.

Both quads were  buzzing when they came off the water, we had done our best and it felt good.

The results were out before we had even de rigged our boat and York had beaten us, the Smile quad so we came in second – no medals for us today!

This didn’t deter us. It was time for a bacon butty!!!! After bacon butties, cups of tea and scrummy cakes we went to watch the next division and the banter continued.

We were disappointed that we didn’t win but we had an oarsome race and on congratulating the York crew we had decided on a rematch at a future York event.

So to sum up the day it was “pure good fun and great team spirit!”