When we put on an event, we put on an event. And it’s ALWAYS OARSOME! Naturally!

Most of our events are bespoke for specific clients, but every now and again, when we’re feeling particularly generous, we put on open events where anyone can come!

And this is the page where you’ll find them!

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Always Oarsome Half Day Rowing Experience
Friday 3rd August 1pm – 5pm.

This is your chance to spend a half day learning how to row and having oodles of fun! Like, seriously LOADS of fun! In just four hours, you will learn- (1) That no one at your local gym knows how to use an rowing machine properly! (But you will now know!) (2) That rowing is not as easy as it looks, but that it is truly OARsome! and (3) That rowing is all about the legs, not the arms!

But most excitingly, you’ll get to take all this new found knowledge and skill out into an actual rowing boat on the actual River Mersey. How incredibly fabtastic is that? (Clue: VERY!)

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