Always Oarsome Events

Always Oarsome events are brilliant fun and we think you’ll love them as much as we do! (And we REALLY love them!)

We take people out of their office and out of their comfort zone because this is where the best personal and business growth happens! (As well as the fun!)

You and your teams can experience Always Oarsome in three fantastic ways:


For individuals or small groups

Ever fancied giving rowing a go, learning a new sport or just experiencing the amazing feeling that only rowing can give you? Then you will love our rowing experience events and intense rowing bootcamps.

We will teach you the basics of rowing and the rowing stroke and take you out on the river for…

  • A half or full day rowing experience session
  • An intense full day bootcamp

For organisations:

Treat your teams to a truly unique experience with the ultimate team sport. We offer:

  • Team Rowing Challenge Days
  • Team Rowing Experience Days including team building amd wellbeing workshop


For organisations:

We offer classroom-based workshops which can be held on your premises or at an external venue. These interactive, fun and unique events can cover a wide range of topics that will help your teams be more productive and more fulfilled. Topics can include communications, values, motivation wellbeing, resilience and how to handle conflict.