Yesterday we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Kevin Cademy-Taylor of CT Sports Academy and his guests from Fairstone Group.

Our brief for the day was to give the two teams (Bears and Bulls) a day full of contests and competitions that would tire them out, give them a good experience of rowing and be loads of fun!


The day consisted of a training session in the gym where everyone learnt how to do a rowing stroke on the ergs (indoor rowing machines). We then split the group (16 competitors in total) into their teams. One team went out onto the water in our training boats while the other stayed in the gym where Always Oarsome crew member Megan put them through their paces with a 2k relay race followed by a fun game of erg golf.

Meanwhile those on the water took to rowing like the very many ducks that we have on our river! We were very impressed! The teams then swapped before we served a very well deserved lunch – one fit for Olympians!

The afternoon saw more indoor contests and another water session for each team to get them “race ready”.

The Always Oarsome day finished with a Regatta Tournament down 200m of our Regatta course. Both the Bears and the Bulls did brilliantly. Rowing is definitely not as easy as it looks and to be racing after justa  couple of hours on the water is a great achievement!

WELL DONE everyone from the Fairstone Group! We LOVED welcoming you to Warrington Rowing Club and giving you an Always Oarsome Day!

Always Oarsome crew We’d also like to thank our Supporting Crew for the day – Megan, Holly and Beth.

Check out our little video of the day. Bear in mind this was taken from the Safety Launch on the river so we didn’t capture the indoor contests.

Looks like we did a good job. Thanks for the feedback folks!

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