Our company is the result of a passion for rowing and a desire to help teams be Always Oarsome!

Founded by Gill Laidlaw and Jen Hinds, Always Oarsome combines successful business strategy with the ultimate team sport of rowing. And we think you’ll love it!

Together we have years of experience in business, team-building and training and we can’t wait to get to know you.

Here’s a bit more about us in the meantime!

Gill Laidlaw

Gill Laidlaw Always OarsomeFormerly a primary school  teacher, Gill is presently a director at Dental Solutions Ltd. She took up rowing eight years ago after spending many hours on the river bank watching her daughter train at Warrington Rowing Club. Her hobbies include tap dancing, walking her two border collies and, of course, rowing. Gill has spent the last three years as Ladies’ Captain developing a competitive and successful racing squad at Warrington Rowing Club. “I enjoyed every minute, even though it was like herding cats!” laughs Gill!

Gill is now the Lead Coach for the highly popular and successful Learn to Row programme at Warrington Rowing Club and is responsible for developing this into the biggest (probably!) programme of its kind in the North West.

Her most fulfilling achievement is teaching Jen how to row!

Gill is Always Oarsome! Naturally.


Apple / Android? Apple – it’s one of my five a day!

Digital / Paper? Call me old fashioned, but you know where you are with a piece of paper!

Bow side / Stroke side? Either – I’m always up for a challenge!

Jelly babies / Jaffa cakes? Would it be rude to eat both??

Awesome / Oarsome? Errr hello? We’re Always Oarsome!

PEOPLE WHO HAVE ATTENDED GILL’S ROWING LESSONS IN THE PAST HAVE SAID: “Brilliant fun! Thanks for being so patient!” “Loved the course! Can’t wait to start competing!” “Had a brilliant time. Told all my friends about it!”


Jen Hinds

Jen Hinds Always OarsomeWith over 20 years of experience in Marketing & Communications, and having run her own business for over 14 years, Jen is passionate about helping business owners enjoy more success. She delivers workshops and talks on a wide range of subjects from Personal Branding to using social media effectively. Her energy and enthusiasm are what make her workshops fun AND effective.

The Regional Leader and Deputy Network Leader for one of the UK’s leading business networks (4Networking), Jen supports and trains 20 teams across the North West looking after almost 200 members.

Jen took up rowing 2 years ago when she enrolled on one of Gill’s Learn to Row courses at Warrington Rowing Club, and became a rowing addict from day one!

Jen is Always Oarsome! Probably, sometimes.


Apple / Android? I love my iPhone so much, I could just lick it! Is that weird?

Digital / Paper?  Come on – everybody does digital these days… don’t they??

Sweep / Scull? Scull! Two is always better than one!

Jelly babies / Jaffa Cakes? I’d rather have crisps and cheese but if pushed I say Jaffa Cakes.

Awesome / Oarsome? I can’t believe you even asked that! It’s ALWAYS Oarsome!

PEOPLE WHO HAVE ATTENDED JEN’S WORKSHOPS IN THE PAST HAVE SAID: “Very engaging” “Where did the time go? Today was a day very well spent!” “Fabulous, friendly, engaging. Very likeable!” “Lively, enthusiastic and clear delivery. Very knowledgeable.” “Enjoyed the workshop, could listen to Jen all day”