We use our passion for rowing to inspire people

to make healthier choices. 

Rowing Experience Events

Your event will be designed for you to suit you and your team. From a relatively relaxing paddle on the river to a fiercely competitive day of challenges culminating in an Oarsome Regatta with medal ceremony, and anything in between.

Take your team out of the workplace and out of their comfort zone, and into the world of rowing.  The ultimate team sport, rowing will bond your team members in a fun and challenging day. They’ll leave the event with new skills, new respect for a sport they’ve probably only every seen on TV, and a feeling of exhilaration for having achieved something very special together.


Wellbeing Workshops

Always Oarsome is not just about rowing on the water (although this is the best bit!). Our range of wellbeing focused workshops can be delivered to your teams at your premises, or pretty much anywhere!

For these events, we take the life changing lessons we’ve gained from rowing and make them applicable to you and your teams. Designed to massively improve wellbeing and resilience for the workplace and for life!

You may even want a mix of on and off water events!

Challenge NRC – Update

WE DID IT! Just back from my annual get together with a group of friends who met 35 years ago. So last year on said annual get together I gave them a mission which they chose to accept.  For one afternoon on our next get together in Chester we would take to the...

The Five Steps to Wellbeing… and rowing!

Developed by The New Economics Foundation (commissioned by Foresight - the UK government's futures think-tank) the Five Ways to Wellbeing are a set of evidence-based public mental health messages aimed at improving the mental health and well-being of the whole...

Rowing – what a weird and confusing language!

                                                                             Part One - red and green So how often do you hear this in sport? “I was last over the finish line but I still won!” Well this is exactly what happened to me on Saturday at Warrington Regatta....

 Wham! (‘I’m your man’)

Just watching a bit of TOTP from 1985 - to the youngsters out there that’s Top of the Pops - a British music chart tv programme produced by the BBC and I do believe it was broadcast on a Thursday evening around 7.30pm? It was akin to ’Sounds Like Friday Night’...

Steady. Consistent. Synchronicity. Teamwork.

This weekend at rowing training, we did twice our usual distance on each day, and just rowed, steady state, no fancy bits, no drills. Just rowed. Together. Steady. Consistent. Powerful. No stopping. Here is a quick video that our coach took of us square blading. (This...

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